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Service Committment Pledge

Service Commitment


I will endeavour for all my clients:


1.   To be committed to the care and understanding of your needs;

2.  To develop long-term relationships and build confidence while providing excellence in legal services;

3.  To discharge all my duties with loyalty, dedication, honesty and good faith;

4.  To bring care, skills and knowledge to the performance of the professional services which I have undertaken;

5.  To keep confidential all information about you and your business that I acquire through our professional relationship;

6.  To explain legal issues and procedures in understandable terms;

7.  To discuss fees before starting any work;

8.  To obtain instructions from you on all material issues and to follow them, so that I do not act without your authority;

9.  To keep you informed about the progress of your file;

10. To have your phone calls returned within a reasonable time;

11. To report to you promptly after completion of your file;

12. To appreciate your feedback on our service and to make your satisfaction my goal.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

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